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Thank you for taking care my denture problems. The new denture fits very well. Frank and the staff of his clinic are very professional and friendly. In my opinion Frank is an excellent denturist. Great service and even greater results.

Bernice P.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I am so happy with my dentures. They fit very well and I am
able to eat properly now.

Shelly H.

Frank and staff I have to let you know my dentures have greatly improved my smile and confidence. I am able to chew my food with no problems and no food sticking to the outside. Thank You. A very happy patient.

Margaret L

Thank you Frank for my dentures made over my implants. You are a class act and I am very happy, I am happy to refer to your clinic.

Lilianne F.

Thank You for working with me every step of the way and having patience and showing me all the steps to make my teeth. I LOVE THEM!!

Shirley B.

Frank I want to thank you for the special effort you made In providing me with my new dentures (I know I was a hard fit and have a difficult mouth to work on) You did it!!!! My new dentures have settled in nicely and fit very well with no problems. I will be coming back when I need any denture treatment again. Thank You.

Richard R.

Frank, I cannot find any word that can describe how “Thankful I am”. I have seen many denturists and
you are the best professional I have ever met. Your service and care of my denture needs was
impressive, your caring and very skillful, these are the best dentures I have ever had (I have had many
over the years).

Anne T.

Frank, “Thank You, Thank You” I love my new partial dentures, the fit is fantastic, I have received many
compliments from family and friends, that they look like my real teeth. Many thanks to Dionne for
helping me get my insurance coverage and filling out the necessary forms with me, I received payment
from them today.

Colleen M

Thank you all for making a very scary time easier. I am loving my new teeth. Having never worn
dentures before I was so afraid I would not be able to speak or eat properly, but I am having no
problems at all. I feel confident in both eating and speaking. Thank You so very much.

Shannon E.

Langley Denture Clinic Staff:
Thank you for the great service, affordable service and professional service. I did not think I would be
able to get used to new dentures after so many years with my previous dentures. My new dentures are
comfortable; you did it Frank. They fit so well, and I can smile with confidence which has been a very
long time for me. My smile is pretty I am so pleased, and being able to eat properly is wonderful. I
highly recommend Langley Denture Clinic, Frank Yoo and his staff are excellent.

Denise N.

I highly recommend Frank Yoo of Langley Denture Clinic, I had a very hard to fit mouth, he made me my dentures and I am so happy, they are comfortable and I have no problems eating most foods, including munching on peanuts" Dionne billed my dental plan directly and I paid the part I owed. I don't know why I waited so long, this was such a pleasurable and easy experience, not to mention it only took just under 2 weeks to get my new teeth.

Katrina H

To Frank Yoo and staff,
Thank you for making me feel very comfortable and being happy I could ask you any questions. You always had time to answer me. Dionne was amazing.

Linda F.

Thank you for your patience. I love my teeth.


Frank & Dionne, Thank you so much for all you've done for my fit and helping us get our coverage.


Hi Frank,
I can't find any word that can describe how thankful I am. You're one of the best professional I have ever met. I'm sure your clients must be happy with your service since you are so warmhearted, caring, and skillful. I've learned a lot today and now I can figure out what a denturist does to improve people's quality of life. I hope I could do as well as you in the future. Thank you so much for having me today.


Mr. Yoo,
I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for making it possible for me to be able to have my teeth fixed. It's something I've wanted to have done for a while now. But I has never been a priority because raising my family always came first. [I always thought to myself, "When we have extra money put aside I'll look into getting my teeth fixed, but as anyone with kids would know there's never any extra money with kids involved. :) ]
That's why I wanted to express how thankful I am to you for making this possible.


Thank you for your understanding during my sickness.

Helen M.

I really appreciate the time and trouble you went for me. Thank you. Lunch is on me!


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